Coaching with Jen

Jen radiates kindness and wisdom. Her past experiences have shaped her to become the life coach she is today. Her battle through Cancer led her to seek life coaching. Read more about her story and the inspiring soul that she is! You will want to connect with Jen!

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Life Coach Cancer Survivor


Coaching with Brittany

Brittany is passionate about helping others. Her passion shines through making it easy to connect with her. Read more to get to know her more and her past experiences that have shaped her to become the life coach that she is. 

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Life + Relationship Coach


Coaching with Sharlene

Sharelene is a life coach from London!

She specializes in stress management. Her fun and bubbly personality is contagious. Learn more about her story, her passions, and why you should start life coaching sessions with Sharlene.

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Life Coach & Stress Trainer